Over the Fall and Spring semester, Spectrum often takes part in events held on campus that celebrates the campus' LGBTQ+ community, of which are open to students to attend.
These events are both organized by Spectrum Exec or were partnered with other organizations and offices, such as the LGBTQ+ Student Services, to promote, create, and/or participate in.

National Coming Out Day

Every year around October 11, students gather on campus at the student neighborhood amphitheater for free food, warm drinks, and some time to mingle before turning our attention to the stage, where we'll invite individuals who are comfortable to share their stories and experiences with coming out as LGBTQ+.

Our Voices Matter

Started in 2017 by Chloe Massie-Costales, Our Voices Matter highlights the voices of LGBTQ+-identifying students and their narratives that have been collected anonymously and are later shared by volunteer members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Every November, Spectrum creates a memorial in KU Field in which we set up pots with pink, white, and blue flowers and simple signs displaying the names of fallen victims of anti-trans* violence from from around the world over the past year. It's a very powerful display and one that gets a lot of positive, supportive attention every year we've done it

Pride Week!

While the University of Dayton ends its Spring Semester in May, Spectrum still celebrates Pride as if it were June with a week filled with events including: Trivia Table Hours, Free Shirts with a design created by our Members, guest speakers, Dinner/Grill Out, and more!

Retreat! Retreat!

Every Year, Spectrum goes off campus to a local park for community building and self-exploration. Events include buddy walks, ice breakers, small groups, and games!

Up the Orgs!

Up the Orgs is the University of Dayton's version of a club fair! Spectrum is always proud to be among our community, promoting out club and letting other students know they are always welcome on campus, no matter who they are or how they identify! You are valid!

Off Campus Events

Spectrum enjoys getting students involved off campus, whether it is visiting local art museums or supporting LGBTQ+ owned or allied restaurants in Dayton when we celebrate formal/semi-formal at the end of the fall and spring semester

Art/Game/Movie Nights

Who says a student organization cannot be all work and play? Spectrum often hosts fun events for Spectrum members to attend at one of the Ally Houses in the Students Neighborhood!