Anti-Hazing Statement

Spectrum considers hazing to be a most destructive and degrading activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. Hazing, defined as: Any planned/executed action or activity, by or against an active member, associate member, pledge or potential member or new member of an organization or group that inflicts physical or mental harm, distress, anxiety, or which may demean, degrade, embarrass or disgrace any person, regardless of location, consent or intention is prohibited.

Examples of hazing include but are not limited to: forced consumption of food, alcohol, drugs or any other substance, forced physical activity, deprivation of food or sleep, and physical acts such as branding or paddling. Students may not imply that a person would be shunned, removed, or not initiated for failing to participate in any form of hazing. Any action or situation that intentionally or unintentionally endangers a student, who is attempting admission into or affiliating with any student organization, is prohibited. Spectrum recognizes the dignity of every individual and opposes all forms of hazing.