Bias Incidents

As an organization for members of a marginalized group, Spectrum and its members have unfortunately been the target of several incidents of bias. A bias incident refers to any intentional act of discrimination targeting the organization’s members and/or property on the basis of one’s identity (a complete list of recognized identities can be found in Article 9 or in the Univeristy’s official nondiscrimination statement). Some examples of bias incidents that have occurred include the vandalization of Spectrum Special Interest Houses, the defacing of Spectrum events and/or public displays, and other forms of personal harassment, such as the use of homophobic or transphobic slurs in reference to Spectrum members. In the event of bias incidents occurring to one of Spectrum’s members or property, the members of the Executive Board, as mandated reporters, are expected to follow the appropriate procedure in reporting the issue to the Equity Compliance Office and any other authorities, if necessary. The Executive Board is also expected to remain open and honest with general members concerning the details of any occurrences, but they are expected to prepare formal statements so as not to misconstrue the situation. If members of Spectrum are approached by the press concerning a bias incident, they are permitted to make a statement, so long as they do not claim to be representative of Spectrum as a whole.