We, Black Action Through Unity, recognized as an organization by the University of Dayton as the Black Student Union on campus, are committed to serve as a representative voice for all black students at the University of Dayton through the advocacy of service, leadership, and unity.

BATU House

In 1998, BATU Established the BATU House in the University of Dayton student neighborhood formulated as a residence and cultural center for African American students at The University of Dayton. It not only housed black students, but it also became the location for numerous learning, listening, and social opportunities. To this day, BATU members utilizes this house to provide active BATU members special interest housing, whilst remaining a center of black student affairs for BATU.

BATU members interested in this housing are able to apply annually for the opportunity to live there.

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UD/BATU Black History Timeline

February 2nd, 2019, BATU Member Gabriel Gaiusbayode established the first UD Black history timeline with the purpose of celebrating the historic accomplishments, events, and merits black students have achieved at the University of Dayton. Ultimately, this timeline provides context from the first Black student graduating from UD, to the present with hopes of giving future generations a track record of events to call back to for guidance, knowledge, inspiration, celebration, and networking.

UD/BATU Black History Timeline

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