The Kudla Dynamic Allocation Fund

Building the next generation of investors

By the Numbers

30 students

The Kudla Dynamic Allocation Fund is run entirely by undergraduate students.

$1.2 million

Dave Kudla created the Fund with $1 million; the fund has grown through capital gains since.

1 passion

The Fund is composed of students who are truly excited about the field of Finance.

About Us

We are a tactical asset allocation fund that looks to invest over $1.2million in AUM across a broad variety of investment vehicles. Our strategy focuses on investing through primarily ETFs and mutual funds for diversification, but also leverage other strategies such as options. We are currently comprised of three teams and they are as follows: U.S. Equity, International Equity, and Fixed Income/Alternative Assets. We are purely student ran and all investing strategies have been created by students. Dave Kudla donated $1million for this learning experience, mentoring students to help them succeed.

Who is Dave Kudla?

Dave Kudla is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Mainstay Capital, Inc. He is a Dayton native, and donated $1 million to create the Kudla Dynamic Allocation Fund at the University of Dayton, and also a fund at Stanford University.

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The Management Team

Reed Aleck

Chief Investment Officer

Gurkamal Pannu

Junior Chief Investment Officer

Brandon Bayzaee

Vice President of U.S. Equities

Chris Flynn

Vice President of International Equities
Chief Investment Officer Emeritus

Ben France

Vice President of Fixed Income/Alternative Assets