Why Should You Consider Investment Banking?

Investment banking is one of many career options under the general realm of finance. It is one of the most competitive jobs coming out of undergraduate and there are reasons for this that we have outlined below. We encourage you to learn more if you are new to the subject or simply looking to learn more.

Learning Curve

It is true that investment bankers work long hours (sometimes up to 90-100 hours a week). However, this face-paced environment offers invaluable learning opportunities and exposure to different deals & situations.

Significant Responsibility

The size of a deal team will vary depending on what investment bank you work at. However, no matter what kind of bank you work at, an analyst is counted on to build financial models, put together pitchbooks, and perform other important tasks that help execute a deal.

Career Progression

Within investment banking, there is a clear path of progression through the hierarchy starting analyst to associate, vice president, director, and managing director. Analysts are typically promoted within 2-4 years and associates are promoted in an additional 2-4 years.

Exit Opportunities

If becoming a lifetime banker doesn't suit you, exit opportunities are another option. By going through an investment banking analyst stint, your doors are opened to an array of opportunities in private equity, corporate development and more.

Interesting, Rewarding  & Impactful Work

Depending on the investment bank you work for, you could have the chance to work on some of the biggest transactions that are driving the economy today or you may be helping complete the American dream by helping a founder sell a business that they have built for the past 30 years. Either way, these are significant transactions that have huge implications on the parties served.

Financially Rewarding

Given the number of hours an investment banker can put in a week, they are compensated for their work. While this is a plus,  this should not be the sole reason why one chooses to pursue a career in the industry.

What DIBC Can Offer You:

On average, less than 2% of applicants are accepted for internships/full-time positions within investment banking. DIBC's goal is to help bridge the gap for students at UD, and place at these competitive institutions.

Real World Experience

DIBC is the only organization at the University of Dayton that offers an internship through the club. This will be a separate experience within your resume apart from DBIC. You will get the chance to help execute live transactions within a team of underclassman that is led by an upperclassman that works directly with our exclusive partner, Carleton McKenna & Co.

A Chance To Connect With Professionals

DIBC brought in Peter Nero during the fall semester of 2021. Mr. Nero is an accomplished Dayton Alumni who has over 14 years of experience within M&A and co-founded Wall Helms, a leading insurance investment bank located in Chicago. We have also brought in other guest speakers including a managing director from KKR, Thomas Kim, and a vice president from AQ Technology Partners, Evan Lewis.

Access to an Interactive and Engaged Culture

Despite DIBC being relatively new, the club is filled with upperclassmen who have landed competitive sell-side and buy-side roles at firms such as JP Morgan, Baird, Key Bank, and Fidus Capital. The club is building a culture of openness & interaction so a member can ask questions or seek advice at any time necessary. Further, we are driving culture outside of the professional settings through club events and building friendships that will last beyond graduation.

Reinvestment Into Your Success

In less than a year, DIBC has raised over $5,000 working closely with the Student Government Association and the Center for Business Student Engagement. All of that money has been invested into our members through the purchasing of the Adventist Financial Modeling Course, which compliments our Educational Bootcamp. Additionally, DIBC raised $1,000 for two students to help subsidize summer internship housing costs.

A Technical Foundation to Set You Up For Succes

Through our intensive 14-week educational bootcamp, the Adventis's financial modeling course, interview prep, and our library of resources available to our members, you are going to know what you need to know in order to not only pass through the technical portion of an investment banking interview but to exceed expectations.

Leadership Opportunities

As mentioned before, DIBC is a new club on campus that is just getting started. With that comes the opportunity for members to not only take leadership positions but also help mold and shape their impact on the club for years to come after graduation. The club has set some large goals that we would like to accomplish within the next year and a half.


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